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Neil Readhead

Senior Designer
Hello and welcome to my Curriculum Vitae

A place for me to showcase my interests, achievements, capabilities and academic background.


I am passionate about design, graphics, web, typography, illustration, photography and cinematography. "The media and tools of my craft". A creative forward thinker, thriving on the execution of strong communication strategies, finding the balance between innovative, original concepts and practical deliverable solutions. The development of modern ideas through new media technologies. I am a team player, and enjoy working closely with other designers, developers, UX and QA engineers. Comfortable working on multiple projects and tasks at any one time. Enthusiastic, innovative, highly motivated, proactive, self-improving and posse a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills. I have a strong production knowledge and can offer a rich variety of creative solutions for any media challenges.

Where did it all start?

For me, it all started with logo designs. The branding of business or the business of branding? In the beginning a seal was used to make an impression in wax making a document authentic. You can never under estimate the value of good branding. From a single glance a customer should have a succinct impression as to what kind of company the logo belongs. A mark of reassurance, quality and reliability.

I believe a logo should always make an impression. Be a seal of approval. A mark of class and distinction.

From there I found that my clients were so happy with my work that they came back to me requesting web sites and more…
I continued taking on small outside projects while working at The School of Sound Recording (S.S.R) (aka Spirit Recording Studio) and The Technics DJ Academy before moving to the The Guardian Media Group PLC as a Production Assistant. I then left the news paper to dedicate my full attention to web design and landed a job at Party Delights as their sole designer. Several years later I find myself as the Senior designer at a company that is growing exponentially and in a studio that is doing the same.

The storey continues…
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The storey so far...

2006 -

Party delights

Senior Designer

I currently work as the senior designer at Party Delights Ltds. and Delight Direct. "The UK's leading online party retail store".
Working directly with the CEO/Creative Director, Managing Director, Technical Director, UX, Marketing, Social Content and Buying teams.

Working with the design team to oversee an evolving set of design challenges for a growing list of features for the main site and several dynamic and responsive white labels. Including Parties"R"Us (Toys"R"Us), Funk Party (Funky Pigeon) and Tesco Party. EU sites for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Amazon and Ebay.

The production of site content design, photography and videos for over 30,000 product lines. Marketing material for Email, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media platforms, bus stop and billboard advertising campaigns, Tesco Direct catalogue and numerous other publications. Design of in-house documents, signage and retail trade fairs stands.

In-house product design were I am involved in the procurement of Licenses from numerous companies including Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Lego, One Direction and Carte Blanche (Tatty Teddy). Using their artwork to design full party product ranges including invitations, tableware, room decorations, balloons and a range of personalised products. Headed the design and development of the personalised section of the site from front to back. The designed templates for banners invites and cards for the in-house printing process. Producing a range of personalised products including cards, confetti, invitations, balloons and banners.

Position Requirements:
  • Web research, design and development.
  • Design of graphics, photography and video for site content and social media.
  • Marketing material for press, flyers, poster, bus stop 6 sheets and billboard advertising campaigns.
  • License and non-licensed product design of personalised cards, confetti, invitations, balloons and banners.
  • 2003 -

    Guardian Media Group

    Production assistant

    Working closely with the Production Manager designing adverts, setting advert's and inserts for over 29 of the North West local weekly News Newspapers, including the Manchester Evening News, METRO Newspapers, Home Search Magazine, Job Search and Channel M Manchester Television.

    Position Requirements:
  • Producing desk-top publications using Quark Xpress, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Producing advertising imagery and editorial using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Designing and setting adverts to meet the customer brief.
  • Developing, updating and maintaining images, text and layout of regularly client bookings.
  • Producing illustration for adverts using Illustrator, InDesign and Streamline.
  • Text setting and Proof reading.
  • Strong production knowledge.
  • 2001 -

    S.S.R./Technics DJ Academy

    In House Designer

    Before that I was the sole in-house designer for both The School of Sound Recording (S.S.R) (aka Spirit Recording Studio) and The Technics DJ Academy. This required me to write a syllabus on promotional design and advertising and setting design briefs as part of the student course pack. Liaising with both musicians and DJ's creating promotional materials including press releases, advertising material for Mix Mag and DJ Magazine, bus stop poster, large wall poster and flyers to tie in with the students course requirements. Orchestrating all aspects of the design and development requirements of each brief. Working the concept through photography, art direction and preparation of finished work. Assuring that all students have the correct information and materials that they need in time to complete the project and pass their course. I also designed marketing material including brochures, flyers and poster for both the recording studio and DJ Academy.

    Position Requirements:
  • Write a syllabus on promotional design and advertising for student course pack.
  • Write students briefs.
  • Design and production of course promotional literature, brochures and marketing material.
  • Design and production of in-house advertising and marketing material.
  • Strong production knowledge.
  • Clients include: DJ Mag, Mixmag, New Musical Express, New Deal and M.O.L.P
  • 2000 -

    Kronfl! Dul!ba Product!ons

    Best boy/Runner

    Involved in all aspects of projects, from conception to completion. Working closely with all members of the team, mainly the stylist.

    Position Requirements:
  • Sourcing of materials.
  • Set Design and Lighting.
  • Theme Revisions.
  • Clients include: British Rail, Phil Cool, Fashion Catalogue.
  • Freelance

    !mag!nat!on Des!gn

    Freelance Design

    Imagination design is my creative outlet. A place for me to showcase abilities. A body of work that represents the creative thinking, problem solving and simple solutions I've developed and delivered for both clients and under full time employment.

    Position Requirements:
  • Company brand identifications.
  • Email marketing.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Web design.
  • Site content design, Photography and Video editing.
  • Portraits, murals, paintings and illustrations. (private contract).

  • Clients include:

    Soroptimist International UK, ISg PLC, Pizza Express, Zest Bar and Grill, The British Gymnastics Association, Jeweller Solutions, Mouth Guards for Sport, Swann Micro, Business Logix, Kiss Telecom, Finch Product design, Arabian Nights Mobile Casino. Goodie Gumdrops Fashion, The Jewellery Studio, Barrands of Manchester Electricians, Britannia Car Leasing, Oldham Coliseum, "Clothes Show Live" Birmingham, Dry Bar and Zinc Manchester.


    "Education is the premise of progress!"

    Pro Web

    Pro Web Des!gn - Adobe Cert!f!ed/C!W !nternet + ColdFus!on

    Tech Manchester
    Core Units:
  • Pro Web Design - Adobe Certified/CIW Internet + ColdFusion
  • Advanced HTML Authoring
  • Advanced CSS Authoring
  • Advanced Dreamweaver
  • Advanced Flash
  • Advanced Fireworks
  • Professional Web Design/CIW Site Designer
  • HND

    HND Graph!c Des!gn

    Manchester City College

    My HND course was mainly practical and project-based. A strong emphasis was placed on Sketchbook Development and Typography. Other specialist subjects are listed below.
    Developed core skills of Communication, IT and Problem Solving, the course also included Contextual Studies, Research, Conceptual Thinking and Digital Media.

    Year 1 subjects studied included:
  • Digital Imaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Art & Design Projects
  • Art & Design Context
  • Typography
  • Page Layout & Desktop Publishing
  • Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Commercial Printing
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Sustainable Design
  • Year 2 subjects studied included:
  • Design Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Typography Project
  • Preparing a professional portfolio and CV
  • Graphic Design Projects
  • Client Initiated Design Project
  • ND

    Nat!onal D!ploma General Art and Des!gn

    Stockport College

    In my ND course I worked through the design process and was involved in a range of projects, including 'live' briefs, (set by outside companies), and competitions. Concentrated on the generation of ideas in response to creative briefs, alongside the development of practical skills, including: creating visuals and software skills. This culminates in a Final Major Project and exhibition.

    Core Units:
  • Visual Recording in Art and Design
  • Materials, Techniques and Processes in Art and Design
  • Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design
  • Communication through Art and Design
  • Contextual Influences in Art and Design
  • Study areas include:
  • Image Manipulation
  • Computer Applications
  • Typefaces and Letter Forms
  • Typographic and Layout Design
  • Information Graphics
  • Website Design
  • 1st ND

    1st Nat!onal D!ploma General Art and Des!gn

    Macclesfield College

    On my 1st National Diploma course I developed the fundamental elements of art and design practice, namely drawing skills (including life drawing), making and digital imaging as well as generic skills (writing, research methodologies etc.)

    Level 1:
  • Fundamental creative skills (drawing, painting, making, demonstrations)
  • Technical skills (practical workshops and digital imaging)
  • Key generic skills (analytical and critical skills, research skills, confidence and motivation, presentation and communication skills)
  • Contextual studies introducing historical and contemporary debates and practice
  • Foundation skills in the various art and design specialisms
  • Elective choice (including philosophy)
  • An optional cultural study visit (major Scottish cities and London) enhances the learning experience
  • GCSE

    W!lmslow County H!gh School

    8 GCSE's
    Nota Bene

    Other notable ach!evements

    Achievements and Teams
  • Recently completed a six month around the world trip.
      Visiting United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York & Island.
  • Three week Outward Bound Course Aberdovey
  • Shanti Academy Muay Thai Kickboxing (Training only)
  • David Lloyds Tennis Team (Cheadle)
  • Wilmslow Hockey Club (1st/2nd team)
  • Disley Hockey Club (1st/2nd team)
  • Blue Johns Basketball Team (Manchester Giants Pool)
  • Stockport Atlas Basketball Team (Blue Johns Pool)
  • Pownall Park Tennis Club (Under 21/Seniors)
  • County Level Tennis (Under 21)
  • Wilmslow High School Football & Basketball Team
  • Wilmslow Athletics (100m/100m Hurdles/High Jump)
  • Slalom Gold Medalist (Williamson High Montgenevre)
  • Eston/Longlands Gymnastics Team (Trained with TGB)
  • Junior Artist of the Year Red House School Norton
  • Numerous Illustrations, Wall Murals & Portraits
  • Portfol!o

    showcase of my latest works

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    The skills that pay the bills

    Current Work break down







    Current Applications




    After Effects

    Premier Pro

    Cinema 4D


    A well established creative web developer on both Mac and PC platforms. Good HTML, CSS, ASP, ASPX, ActionScript and a good working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery. Very good knowledge of Adobe CS. A good working knowledge of Cinema 4D and Maya. 3D modelling, animation, lighting and render. Knowledge of video manipulation and motion graphics. I possess strong desk-top publishing skills with an in-depth knowledge of 3 and 4 colour printing. Experience in web, music, video, TV and news paper medias.

    I have a strong production knowledge and can offer a rich variety of creative solutions for any media challenges. A progressive forward thinker, thriving on the execution of strong communication strategies and the development of modern ideas through New Media technology. I'm enthusiastic, innovative, highly motivated and posses a strong work ethic.

    With my mixed media capabilities, strong production knowledge and a bit of imagination I can offer a wide variety of creative solutions to any media strategies.

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